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none | 29th July 2017

Education 2017 MA, Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Institute / Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam  

Temporary horizon

none | 25th March 2016


Corridor Projection

none | 16th November 2014

  A video projected into a corridor, experimenting with movement of projection.

blood concept – London

none | 8th November 2014

Exhibition design and window display for Italian fragrance brand BLOOD CONCEPT.

Synaptic transfer

none | 19th May 2016


Gesture of Glass

none | 25th March 2016



none | 13th November 2014

Various suspended materials    

fictional corridor

none | 25th March 2016


Your Obsession To Follow – London

none | 17th November 2014

An examination of five movements and trends within visual culture. A physical immersive space which viewers are encouraged to enter. … Continue »

decision to conform – Hong Kong

none | 9th November 2014

A transforming space, exploring dressing and identity in the everyday. Solo exhibition for the osage gallery, hong kong June – July 2012.    … Continue »